Research interests and activities

Since 2014 Code generation
Code generation using GES and RES (Codiscent)
Normalized Systems
Domain Specific Languages (DSL), their possible contribution to Normalized Systems (research on a University of Antwerp)
and their application in frameworks for modular-based development.
Frameworks for User Interfaces
Design and a development of a framework for a unified look & feel of user interfaces.


2015 Applying EE Theories to Component-Based Software Design and Development Doctoral Consorcium EEWC 2015, Prague, Czech Republic
(Ondrej Dvořák)
Confirmation Engine Design Based on PSI Theory XOC-BPM, CBI 2015, Lisboa, Portugal (link)
(Petr Kroha, Robert Pergl, Ondrej Dvořák)
2017 Tackling the Flexibility-Usability Trade-off in Component-Based Software Development WorldCIST 2017, Porto Santo, Madeira (link)
(Ondrej Dvořák, Robert Pergl, Petr Kroha)
Investigating the Evolvability of Financial Domain Models EEWC 2017, Antwerp, Belgium (link)
(Marjolein Deryck, Ondrej Dvořák, Peter De Bruyn, Jan Verelst)
Semantic Descriptions of Component-Based System Doctoral Consorcium EEWC 2017, Antwerp, Belgium
(Ondrej Dvořák)
2018 Affordance-Driven Software Assembling EEWC 2018, Luxembourg (link)
(Ondrej Dvořák, Robert Pergl, Petr Kroha)
2019 Embracing Technology Change Acceleration EEWC 2019, Lisboa, Portugal (link)
(Ondrej Dvořák, Robert Pergl, Petr Kroha)